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[28 Oct 2004|10:18pm]
Wow. It's been quite a while hasn't it. I know every time I update this thing I say "I'm back! I'm back" but it never happens so don't believe it until you see it this time folks. I'm going to go on an adding spree right now though. I need a new screen name as well. We'll talk about paid accounts later. Anyway, I just signed on to do this new film with Justin Timberlake. He's shirtless in it so no one's even going to notice me but it's all good.

I have to stop hanging out with Andrew Keegen :-/
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[17 Sep 2004|09:15pm]
Toronto has been a blast. It's nice to get out and about after being shelled up in my house for so long. I think the critics have been enjoying the film, but at this point it's been waiting to be released for so long that just having it come out is good enough for me.

I'm feeling extremely ADD right now so I'm probably going to delete this entry later tonight and write a better one, but I'd just like everyone to know that I've discovered spray on bronzer and I seem to be enjoying it a little too much.

Have a good night.
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[21 Aug 2004|01:21am]
[ mood | like a virgin ]

Wow. I really stretched this thing thin. I don't know why I'm udating, and I can't promise to come back. I don't even know if I'm passed 6 weeks or not. I guess this is just a safety net that I enjoy to come back to. I'm sorry if I've come and gone in the blink of an eye promising activity and then turning my back on those of you who even read this, but the blatant truth is, I enjoy writing in here. I'm never online enough though and that's something I will be working on seeing as how I can't let this thing go. I think I owe my once in a blue moon updates to elisha_cuthbertElisha though. I love how she can scare the fuck out of any grown man out there and still be the warmest, nicest person to me, an 18 year old kid who barely sticks around here for more than a day. My computer is being quite sticky at the moment so I'm ending this here, and I know this doesn't mean much to anyone reading, but I will try to make an effort to make a guest appearance in the tango every now and then. I'm back in LA and will probably be here for a while. Goodnight and godspeed.

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[08 Jul 2004|09:44pm]
The Girl Next Door DVD will be out on August 24 and I urge everyone to pick up the Unrated version of it. Elisha and I were lucky enough to add our own commentaries, and believe me you don't want to miss some of the things we reveal about the film. Other than that, I know many of you didn't even get a chance to see it, so it will be your first viewing of one of the favorite films I ever got to be a part of.

I'm writing in here again for one person. That is Chris because of the extremely nice words he had to say about me in his latest entry. While I feel like he is being a bit generous with his choice of words about me, I can't refuse some friendly pimpage and I feel like it is time for me to actually make my return.

I'm gonna have to update my friends list as well. Any suggestions on who to add?
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[14 Jun 2004|07:22pm]
Scratch that, I'm back. I enjoy writing in here and I'm going to try to get back where I was a few months ago. I can't promise an immediate full force return, but I will try to at least sign on every now and then. Plus John Robinson got a journal and now I'll hopefully have someone to interact with. That's all for now.
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[03 Jun 2004|10:11pm]
OOCCollapse )
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[19 May 2004|10:44pm]
Jena Malone is back! More on this later.
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[03 May 2004|06:48pm]
Well, my life is now complete. From now on I will go by Emile Hirsch: winner of the Movieline Young Hollywood Exciting New Face award. Haha, I'm messing around. I'm actually very honored by this recognition. The presentation itself was pretty great. John came with me, I only wish he'd get his ass on here sometime soon.

My paid runs out next Friday, but I'm actually not too upset by this. I just need to get some pictures of wireimage and make them into my icons so I can show off my nasty hair do some more. No one seems to want to believe me that it's this way for a skater movie. But whatever, maybe I'll bring the mullet back in or something.

I'm seriously contemplating signing online right now. Someone convince John Robinson to get a journal and I will.

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[02 May 2004|01:20am]
Thought I was gone? Things have been moving at the speed of sound lately and I haven't had a moment to actually sit down and think things through, and now that I am, it's like a firecracker of emotions has exploded inside my head. I don't know how to explain it at all. One second I'm sad, the next joyous, then melancholy, then wondersome. I haven't been completely alone in some time now. I mean like without a friend nearby and it's just weird to hear nothing but the hum of the moniter served over dead, dark silence.

I'm not a huge Dave Matthews Band fan, but I found the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack earlier which contains the Oakenfold remix to "When the World Ends" and it just put me in this extremely perspective mindset. I was lying on my bedroom floor just absorbing the song. The piano, the electronica, the vocals, the guitar, the lyrics. It made me want to dance, but at the same time just start crying. And summer is teasing us with it's hot rays of sun. When summer arrives I'm off for a while. I'll probably have more time to stop lurking and sign on and update.

I'm going to have to make this another brief little entry. I promise this isn't the last one, I just need to think some stuff out. I'll be around.
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[17 Apr 2004|10:50pm]
We went to the top of the world and just sat and stared down upon the cities of light that surrounded us on three sides from that grassy knoll. No one in sight except the flashes of distant headlights that gazed into our eyes for merely seconds before veering off to their predetermined, and in some cases undetermined destinations. Yes, I was definitely back in Los Angeles. Off in the distance you could hear the city, still awake, yet half asleep waiting to retire. You could hear the hum of distant traffic and sirens and you could feel it all in the earth beneath you. New York was fun as always, but I am glad to be back home. Shooting resumes promptly on Monday at a new undisclosed location. I'll tell you all about that later.

I really should sign online sometime. I've become somewhat of a lurker as of late. For this I apologize, but between filming and traveling I've been a bit preoccupied. If you really want to talk to me, I will sign on for you.

Kenny deleted which sucks. I don't understand why, but I guess he was just not feeling it around here and I've got to respect that. He will be missed, and maybe he'll be back, but I'm guessing chances are he won't return. Deleting is not something I could see myself actually going through. I figure, if I have nothing to say I won't say anything for a few weeks. But wherever you're going off to do Kenny, best wishes man.

We opened at #10. Many would find this a defeat and a disappointment, but for me, I'm satisfied. Everyone I've talked to that I trust to not feed me bullshit has liked the film and that's all that matters to me. I am hoping for a rise this weekend, but if not, at least we made the top 10. Ah what are with my entries lately?
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[12 Apr 2004|10:43pm]
I want a famous face.
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[11 Apr 2004|02:07pm]
Waking up at 11, I dragged myself out of bed and drew back the curtains to reveal a beam of sunlight and a clear view of Central Park South. I stood there for a second and threw around the idea of lighting a cigarette, but I was still half asleep and I might ignite the hotel room ablaze. I crawled back into bed, fetal position and facing the window and I just stared at the trees and buildings for about 10 minutes, letting the absent minded late morning thoughts run wild in and out of my head. Things you'd never dream of hearing outside of your window in LA are simply commonplace in the city. Something here feels right. If I could think right now I'd write more, but I'm too fascinated with what's on the outside.

I went to Saturday Night Live last night courtesy of poehler which was quite entertaining. I've always wanted to see it done live, and I must say, Janet Jackson was a great host. Afterwords I ran into s_green and some others, and I was re-introduced to the fact that being underage sucks. Either way, I was still pretty exhausted from the flight, so I called it a night at around 3 AM. I don't want to promise a longer update later because usually when someone writes that they never live up to it. I think I'm going down to SoHo for a while to wander around aimlessly with my friend from back home that moved here a few years ago. This entry was ridiculously pointless.
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[10 Apr 2004|12:23am]
I am in love New York right now. Who's going to show me around?
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the Muppets take Manhattan [07 Apr 2004|07:20pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

I have 69 friends added. Give me a really good reason to make it 70. I was driving down my street today not really paying attention to where I was going or to what destination I was heading toward, when I noticed how incredibly green the grass was. It reminded me of those vibrant greens you see in children's books, not on the sun-stained landscape of Topanga Canyon.

Starting tomorrow they give us a week off from shooting so I'm headed for New York City. I've made tentative plans with some of you that I hope are seen through in the coming week. I like the first few weeks of shooting the best when I'm working on a film. All the relationships are fresh and you're still in the mindset of being excited to be starting a new project. None of us are great at skateboarding though, but we pretend to be pros. while we consistently fall on our asses while the stunt boarders laugh offset.

Venice Beach truly is an oil painting that was smeared by 4 year old finger painters before it dried. The culture you experience down there is almost like living in a foreign country for hours at a time. Shooting on location there is unlike any other film I've ever made. When we're done filming we just roam the boardwalk, meandering in and out of the people and pigeons or walking into the t-shirt pagodas and poster huts trying on novelty hats and sunglasses always with a disposable camera at arm's length.

A lot of my scenes are with John and Victor and since no one really knows who we are, most of the time passersby think we're shooting some high quality, big production skater home video. But I'll never forget the first day Heath came to the set and all of a sudden we all felt like rock stars because out of no where legions of screaming girls bombarded the set. We all give Heath a hard time about it, but we're all thrilled that he's on board for this film.

I really wish the other guys from this film would get journals. Maybe when I return from the city I'll coax them into singing up for an account. Needless to say, starting work on a new film has put aside the fact that I have a film opening in 2 days. It would be nice to rattle the box office a little, but honestly at this point I'm only concerned with the fact that we made a good film and that people enjoy it.

Have you ever been at an amusement park and taken one of those antique photos? I was digging through some boxes yesterday trying to find something and I came across a sepia photograph of some friends and I circa 2000 in gangster suits and hooker wear with bottles of jack and capped pistols in hand. Without hesitation I let out a hearty laugh and got a bit teary eyed with nostalgia. Summer's just around the corner. Let's make it a good one.

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[06 Apr 2004|10:35pm]
I hate when people tailgate. Happy birthday Paul. I love you, you fucker.
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[05 Apr 2004|10:33pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

I think it goes without saying that the act of giving is one of the most fulfilling practices in life. I find it borderline ironic that giving away can make you feel so complete and full inside. I was always the kid who never really asked for anything on birthdays or for Christmas and could be found down at a soup kitchen on December evenings making friends with the homeless and goofing around with my fellow community service buddies. Sharing these experiences can really help mold your mind into automatically knowing what is and what isn't important in life. I never thought of community service as something that was saint-like or something I just had to do. I was just embedded with the idea that it was simply the right thing to do. Growing up I had basically everything I could ever need or want and my parents always instilled in me the basic values of helping the less fortunate since I was given so much. But the most generous acts where the ones that I didn't receive in monetary or material form, but in what I got out of helping others. However cliche and cheesy the previous sentence sounds, I would be lying if I didn't say it was the truth.

I think Kristin and I were having a conversation once through commenting back and forth about something similar to this. Why are we - as celebrities - idolized while those who are really changing the world and are out there everyday busting their ass to salvage a tiny iota of a life for someone else. For these reasons, I really admire celebrities who give to those less fortunate.

I fly to New York on Friday. Nothing's written in stone yet, but I think Elisha and I are going to meet up and do something in the city. My agent has been throwing the idea of TRL around and I'm praying that I won't have to do that. But if it comes down to either being a jerk and staying in my hotel room or sucking it up and promoting the film, I'll choose the latter.

Kurt Cobain died 10 years ago today. Alexis and I had a talk about his legacy and life and it really made me realize that I was mostly affected by his music after his death. I'm not claiming he was one of the greatest writers, musicians or rock stars ever, and I'm not saying he was a great man or human being. I'm only saying that Nirvana broke the door open for the Seattle music scene. Some might say they changed the face of music forever and I don't think they would be wrong in saying that. My older cousins were really into grunge when I was just starting to get into music. From an early age it wouldn't be abnormal for me to hear Pearl Jam, Nirvana, The Pixies and later Radiohead in my household. In one aspect, I was always the kid in school who was listening to music too mature for his age, but on the other hand, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm glad I skipped the experimental pop music stage and really got to delve right into music that was timeless and that would still be discussed in 20 or 30 years.

Come to think of it, I really like FDR.

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[02 Apr 2004|05:54pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I hate forcing myself to update, but it's the weekend so I feel obligated to write with the time between work and play. Tonight I'm doing something with charlizetheron, yet I'm not positive what it is yet. Charlize has been a great friend over the years, and if Mila Kunis and Jack Nicholson can go to basketball games together, I don't see any problem with myself and Charlize going to get coffee. Although, I'm sure the paparazzi will be all over the occasion. I can see the headlines now "CRADDLE ROBBING OSCAR WINNER TAKES 19 YEAR OLD LOVER." You have to understand that Theron is like a big sister to me and she'd probably kick my ass if I tried getting fresh with her..and I mean literally beat the shit out of me.

Kenny, if you're reading this we need to hang out man. It's been far too long, and since promo is really starting to pick up, I won't have many free weekends for a while. That goes for anyone else who feels like spending the day driving around, being immature or just doing nothing at all.

The movie opens a week from today. I encourage everyone to go see it. The promotional spots aren't really doing the film too much justice, but I can't blame fox for their marketing techniques. They're basically trying to reel in the girls by marketing it as a chick-flick when the OC is on and then get the boys in to come seeing it when shows like Pimp My Ride air. It really is neither a chick-flick or a complete slap-stick guy movie. It's more of just a really good quality teen movie, like the ones from the late 80s and early 90s. The directors took a chance here, because you don't really see those kind of films anymore - at least not on the mainstream circuit. Not trying to pimp my own film or anything, but I think since the majority of you that I've talked to are intelligent, you'll really enjoy this film. Plus Elisha is in it, and steals every scene.

After having this journal for about three weeks now, I've really come to find that I'm a genuine pro. at rambling. Anyway, you all have to join kkreuk's and jake_gyllenhaal's new community mbp_gossip it's the coolest thing since halleberry. Alright, I'm out for right now. Kisses and gin.

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[30 Mar 2004|10:36pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

I hate getting yelled at. Call me naive or immature, but I really don't deal well with authority. I tend to claim innocence almost immediately, especially when I'm 100% guilty, and it takes so much for me to just admit that I was wrong in the first place. I'm physically drained right now and I'm ready to just fall asleep wherever I can find a comfortable position. Do you ever notice how insanely comfortable the floor can be when you're exhausted? It's quite a laugh when you wake up in an upstairs hallway with no recollection of how you got there. I could really use a stoke and some caffeine pills right about now. If I had the energy I'd make a full update, but for now I'll ask you this: What is more dead, punk or rock?

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the gentle hum of a computer night-light [28 Mar 2004|02:18am]
It seems as if I've been staying up later and later every night anticipating dawn. Each second awake, another dark ring encompasses almost the entire diameter of my eyelids. As the clock ticks they begin to weigh more and more as if invisible chains are hooked to each lid both leading to anchors resting on the study floor. Is this twilight?

It brings me back to summertime before junior year.Collapse )

My stomach is a roller-coaster. It's not nerves, it's excitement. It's what I wake up for in the morning...make that afternoon. I'm sure this laziness will cease within the next few weeks. I will admit, watching TNT movies and eating cereal at 1 in the afternoon does get old. Especially the ones that decide to cover up cursing with "Forget you" or "that's a bunch of stuff". We all know what's being said. I need to get HBO.

I think Christina said something about South by Southwest. I truly regret not going to the fest this year. At this point I'm forgetting why I didn't actually go, but I'm think it probably had to do with promotion for Girl.

I got to speak to Elisha tonight, and we're both getting very excited for April 9. The day has been around the corner for what seems to be months now. The fact that I even see an advertisement for the film on tv is just surreal for me. I'd love to continue, but I'm literally falling asleep at the keyboard, and that never did anyone any good.
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[27 Mar 2004|12:10pm]
What the hell? j__malone deleted.
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